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The Wall - A South Lamar Update

A huge new structure at the Alamo South Lamar construction site is the center of the action there, and helps to orient this update on the progress of the new Alamo. 

The Wall - A South Lamar Update

There is some serious cinder block wall building action going on at the South Lamar site right now. The beginning of the building of this momentary monolith was evident in images from the previous Lamar update. What stands now is a wall that demarcates the division between the area that will hold the new theaters and the lobby. A higher resolution image of the banner above can be seen here. The images below are how I encountered the Alamo as I approached from the site entrance on Treadwell.

This shot is taken from where the outdoor patio to the Highball will be situated. The area that has yet to have any cement poured is where this patio will be (roughly). The pile of steel beams directly in the center of the image is about where the Highball’s bar will be located. The center of this part of the building will be a shared structure, with the bar on one side (the right) and the ticket booth on the other, facing into the lobby.

About 50 feet further in is a view of the lobby. From this vantage point I would be standing about in the “plaza” area outside the front door of the lobby. At this point I am standing almost immediately to the right of that tall cinderblock wall.

Turning left and we can see the other side of that cinder block wall. There is another cinder block wall that has gone up along the old lobby wall. In this space here there will be two theaters, one running the same orientation as the one in the image below (east/west) and the other oriented north/south.

And to the immediate left of the big wall you can see one of the new smaller theaters taking shape.  Eventually the spot I am standing in here will be another theater, and the corner you see on the big wall in the photo at the top of this post will be extended to meet the main building to the left.

Lastly, there is the start of exterior wall work on the original Alamo theater building.  Unlike the old complex, this part of the theater will not be connected to another building. There will be space in between this part of the Alamo building and building 1 of the new complex.



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