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The Silver Screen


The Silver Screen

Welcome back, New York.  In the last few weeks you've witnessed our collection of Sony 4K projectors and QSC digital audio system. Now the trifecta is complete with our most recent instillation of a very silver screen.  The kind of screen where your eyes and mind will play tricks on you, 3D style.  

A close up. 


A revisit to our very special micro theater for intimate movie moments to come.  May we remind you this too can be yours? Here's a sampling of some of the crazy things you can do in here for your best friend’s wedding, to impress your boss, let loose with your pals, or knock your kid's sock off on their birthday. 

Now this has been a good time for beer news and I have just the snapshot to celebrate! Welcome to our freezer and meet a great number (32!) of thirsty beer lines awaiting their kegs. 

And from the other side: a familiar sight, eh? Our cold one is getting closer!


And with that, here is some of the most enthusiastic roof-raising I've ever seen.  Opening dates and events (and discounts!) will be announced in the coming weeks so make sure you're signed up to be the *first* to know here or in the top right corner of 


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