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One of the most viseral action films of the decade punches its way to our big screen on Friday, April 11 -- and we have a special poster for attendees!


When THE RAID: REDEMPTION blasted onto the big screen in 2012, audiences eagerly embraced Gareth Evans' unrelenting, vicious, and highly original action epic.   It may be hyperbolic to say it reinvented action filmmaking (give it ten years -- we'll be seeing RAID ripple effects in all American action cinema , but it certainly has raised the bar for the genre.  While an American remake is on the way, fans want the real deal, and have been eager for a return to Evans' Jakarta crime saga.    Finally, after a huge Sundance premiere, rave reviews,  a limited release, and a ton of tweets, emails, and Facebook posts asking us where it was, THE RAID 2 is finally coming to the Alamo Drafthouse Littleton beginning this Friday, April 11.

Many expected THE RAID 2 to be more of the same -- another building, another brutal fight that climbs its floors -- but THE RAID 2 opts for expanding the story of Rama, the young cop we followed from fight to fight.   Taking place shortly after the events of THE RAID: REDEMPTION, the sequel finds Rama discovering that his victory was an empty one, and that crime bosses and corruption are still safe from prosecution.  Seeking justice, Rama gives up everything -- his freedom, his identity, his job, and his family -- to pursue an investigation into the heart of the Jakarta criminal underworld.  Naturally, that means violence, and fans will find plenty of the visceral and stunning fight scenes that made the original so exciting.  "Every fight has not just a place in the narrative - every action scene has a purpose, whether it be to establish character or advance plot - but also has a narrative within itself," writes Devin Faraci of Badass Digest. "That’s what action scenes are supposed to have, but so rarely do ... And [Evans] is so inventive in how he shoots the fights. He uses long, gliding takes. He follows the action through windows and walls, he cuts in tight on terrible wounds and he jams the camera into places that seem impossible ... THE RAID 2 is an absolute masterwork."

We're so excited for this film that we're giving fans the chance to completely overdose on the awesome that is THE RAID.  Not only are we playing THE RAID 2, but we'll be playing THE RAID: REDEMPTION all week, scheduled perfectly against THE RAID 2 so that you can enjoy your own double feature on your own time.   Plus, tickets for THE RAID: REDEMPTION are only $6.50, so rewatching this neo-classic on the big screen won't thin out your wallet.  

We also have a special gift for guests, as we'll be handing out this rare variant poster for THE RAID 2.  Supplies are limited, and we'll only be handing them out to select shows this weekend. Hopefully, you'll be one of the lucky attendees who snags one ... you might want to see it more than once to land one:



So, join us for THE RAID 2 and THE RAID: REDEMPTION this weekend. Tickets are on sale now, and you should grab yours early so you'll have the best seats in the house for one of the hottest releases of 2014!



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