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The Fantastic Market Jury Has Spoken

Here are the top Fantastic Market projects as determined by our judges.

The Fantastic Market Jury Has Spoken

Fantastic Fest is proud to announce the winners of its inaugural international genre co-production market: Fantastic Market | Mercado Fantastic. Sixteen film projects were invited to formally present their work at the market, which took place from September 19-21, 2013. The jury, which consisted of Tim League, Robert Rodriguez, Harry Knowles, and Elijah Wood, choose the top three market 3 projects.

This year's Gold Prize goes to THE WRONG PLACE, which is the latest film project by Goya award-winning Cuban filmmaker Alejandro Brugués (JUAN OF THE DEAD). Alejandro is pictured in this post. Jury member Harry Knowles said "THE WRONG PLACE was not only the best script we had, but it also symbolized an evolutionary change for Alejandro Brugués. Thematically, it is hugely ambitious and thoroughly refreshing." THE WRONG PLACE will receive a production support package consisting of products and services provided by Panavision, Chemistry, Assimilate, and Sofia Films.

CLUB PANICO, a new project from Adrian Garcia Bogliano (COLD SWEAT, PENUMBRA, HERE COMES THE DEVIL), took the Silver Prize. Upcoming Mexican director Edgar Nito took the Bronze Prize for his first feature project TATEWARI. Isaac Ezban, who pitched his first feature project THE INCIDENT, received a Special Mention for Best Presentation.

Complete details about the winning projects are as follows:


Director: Alejandro Brugués (JUAN OF THE DEAD)
Producers: Claudia Calvino & Alejandro Tovar, Producciones de la 5ta Avenida (JUAN OF THE DEAD)


Director: Adrian Garcia Bogliano (COLD SWEAT, PENUMBRA, HERE COMES THE DEVIL)
Producer: Andrea Quiroz, Salto de Fe Films (COLD SWEAT, PENUMBRA, HERE COMES THE DEVIL)


Director: Edgar Nito (first feature)
Producer: Rodrigo Frias, Pimienta Films

Special Mention for Best Presentation

Director: Isaac Ezban (first feature)