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The CHEAP THRILLS Guys Are About To Do Some Really Dumb Stuff For You

I mean some really, incredibly stupid things.

The CHEAP THRILLS Guys Are About To Do Some Really Dumb Stuff For You

Hey, Cheap Thrills is on VOD and in select theatres today! Trust me when I insist that you watch it immediately. And to celebrate, the team behind Drafthouse Films' latest release - stars Ethan Embry and Pat Healy, producer Travis Stevens and Drafthouse Films CEO/Drafthouse founder Tim League - are going to do a whole bunch of dumb shit.

Last month we asked Badass Digest commenters to come up with a series of dares for the team to attempt, and they rose to the occasion in super gross and alarming style. Witness the fruits of their labor!

In honor of CHEAP THRILLS, Drafthouse Films invites you to participate in “Share to Dare,” where you can challenge the cast and crew of the film to do horrible, horrible things!

Share to Dare #CheapThrills

Cheap Thrills, available on Movies On Demand and select theaters & digital VOD today, has recently inspired folks to willingly perform outrageous stunts for cash & prizes in front of sold-out festival audiences. One dare involved getting a tattoo of "Cheap Thrills" on the buttocks of a courageous attendee (slightly NSFW).

With the simple share of the film's website on Twitter, stars Pat Healy, Ethan Embry, producer Travis Stevens and Drafthouse Films CEO Tim League will be one step closer to having to execute one of the many electrifying acts below we have sourced from the most deranged members of the American public. Once they are “unlocked” by a set number of social media shares, video & photographic evidence will be released for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for playing!

Share with #CheapThrills or simply click the “Share to Dare” button on the website if you want to see the cast & crew perform the following:

Nude Bearskin Rug Photo: Just like Burt Reynolds.
Shoe Shot: Drink a shot out of the shoe you are wearing.
Self-Impersonation: Ethan Embry does an impersonation of himself from Empire Records.
Mice Junk: Put live mice in your briefs.
Kissing Your Elders: Make out with a senior citizen.
Tug of War: Nipple tug of war with clothespins.
Find Furry Love: OKCupid account with real picture/info, but listed as a furry and a brony.
Pees In the Pants: Drink beer with no bathroom break until someone pees their pants.
Porn with the Parents: Watch "adult videos" with your parents.
Bottle of A1: Drink a bottle of A1 Steak Sauce.


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