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The Alamo Quarter Quell

In celebration of the release of CATCHING FIRE, we held our very own Hunger Games!

The Alamo Quarter Quell

Last year, we held our very first Alamo Hunger Games, and it was such a blast, we knew we had to do it again for CATCHING FIRE. Because kids murdering kids is fun!

Since we couldn't contain our excitement, guests at all of our Austin theaters were treated to gratuitous Nerf violence on opening night. As the head Gamemaker, allow me to break it down for you.

First, we had to reap some tributes. As you can see by their happy expressions, these girls were obviously Careers.

Next, we had to make sure the Cornucopia was fully stocked with deadly weapons. Which, in the case of the Alamo games, includes a light saber. Obviously.

As Haymitch will tell you, it's important to secure some wealthy Capitol citizens as sponsors.

Finally, it was time for the games to begin. May the odds be ever in your favor!

It didn't take long before the competition turned into a bloodbath.

Hey, wait, how did Caesar Flickerman get into the arena?

Only the most ruthless and cunning tributes have a chance of surviving the games.

After an incredible amount of carnage, we crowned our victor!

And the audience paid their respects, both to the victor and the fallen.

You better believe we'll be reprising the games when the next installment is released. Until then, remember that the odds of a good time are always in your favor when you visit the Alamo!


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