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“THAT guy!” The amazing Clint Howard in TWO great movies at The Ritz!

If you've watched more than three movies in the last 25 years, odds are that you've been entertained by a uniquely engaging, hilarious man that looks like THIS:
...Well, that face belongs to Clint Howard, one of the hardest working entertainers in Hollywood. He's been in everything from classic TV like the original STAR TREK series to huge studio blockbusters like APOLLO 13 to even more enduring works like LEPRECHAUN 2. And even though he's played in well over a hundred films, he's always the most fun and recognizable guy on the screen.

PLUS...some of the movies he's ended up in are among our very favorites, and we're showing two of them with Clint Howard in attendance next week!

Monday is the mighty ROCK 'N' ROLL HIGH SCHOOL, the timeless teenage rager that stars The Ramones and a whirlwind bevy of rebellion-crazed party maniacs. Howard plays Eaglebauer, the school's go-to connection for straight-up wildness, and he'll be on hand for the campus-annihilating insanity. GET YOUR TICKETS!

The next night, he'll be joining us for a very special Terror Tuesday presentation of blood-boiling '80s horror masterpiece EVILSPEAK! This is unquestionably one of the most shocking, vicious supernatural fright shows of its time, and an exceedingly rare theatrical event, especially with its star on hand. So don't miss seeing it for a mere five bucks! OH, GRAB A TICKET!

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