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Test the Limits of Good Taste with A SERBIAN FILM

SXFantastic Fest’s most extreme and controversial film will test your sanity - if you’re brave enough to watch it.

Test the Limits of Good Taste with A SERBIAN FILM

The breakout controversy of 2010’s SXFantastic Fest midnight movie lineup, A SERBIAN FILM is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It takes the cinema of transgression to a whole new level.

The story follows Milos, a retired porn star turned family man, coaxed out of retirement to make one last movie. But, as it turns out, there's a catch. The film is to be a non-stop orgy of violence and pain, filled with all the worst atrocities imaginable. And sure enough the viewer of A SERBIAN FILM is subjected to a barrage of upsetting images - extreme follows extreme - and the greatest casualty may be Serbia's tourist industry, because after you see this, you won't even want to be in the same hemisphere.

This film is rated NC-17.


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