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THE TERMINATOR: “I’ll Be Back…For Two More Shows.”

You'll feel the in-theater pyrotechnic heat as your eyes get blazed by the GREATEST TERMINATOR MOVIE EVER MADE! 

THE TERMINATOR: “I’ll Be Back…For Two More Shows.”

I'll be back...

There are only two shows left of Tough Guy Cinema: THE TERMINATOR. Both are at the Ritz next Monday and Wednesday. So if you haven't checked it out yet, do yourself the biggest favor ever and get tickets NOW!!

And if Ahnuld and live explosions aren't convincing enough we're also giving away two TERMINATOR blu rays with remastered picture at each screening!

Long before James Cameron exclusively made movies about animated cats in outer space and Schwarzennegger was mugging for the camera while making jokes about being old, they made movie magic together.

Everyone always says, "I'll be back." but it's lost it's cultural resonance for what it MEANS. Even Schwarzennegger has overused it in so many different contexts over the years that "I'll be back" is more of a punchline than a threat.  These days, "I'll be back" may be a catchphrase for a man and a franchise, but in 1984 "I'll be back" meant so much more. It meant, "I do not subscribe to your rules and nothing you can do will stop me. I'm going to leave for a moment and then I'm going to drive my car THROUGH you."

It's time to get in touch with your roots again! It's time to reaffirm that thing you say every time you think you're being funny in a group of people, it's time to rip your clothes off and travel back to know when saying something like "I'll be back" MEANT something.

We're celebrating THE TERMINATOR in all it's no rules glory with a full on, in-theater pyrotechnic display as you watch the movie. When that gas tank blows up and melts the skin off the T-101, you WILL feel the heat as your eyes get blazed by the GREATEST TERMINATOR MOVIE EVER MADE.

You guys may tremble and weep when you see a T-101 give you a thumbs up, but you're all fools if you don't try to blow that thing away at first sight. THE TERMINATOR is a mean and gritty movie made of spit and raw power and if you don't want to witness greatness in a theater raining with REAL fire...well...I'll be back.

How do you stop the thing that won't die, in the nightmare that won't end? 



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