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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Party Recap!

One of the most totally awesome events at the Alamo Drafthouse: an all-you-can-eat assault on pizza paired with the ultimate pizza-loving, crime-fighting, shelled creatures that are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I went "behind the scenes" into the tiny little kitchen of the Alamo Ritz to document this sold out, epic event...

Before I get into the effort it takes to pull off the pizza party, I would just like to address the staff of the Ritz regarding that kitchen. I don't know how the hell you guys do it, but it is incredible! That kitchen is the smallest space I've ever been in (it is essentially two hallways, side by side, and filled with obstacles like giant ovens, stoves and counterspace). Being in there for less than 5 minutes at a time nearly gave me an anxiety attack, and you guys are in there all night. Bravo, folks. Seriously.

Back to the pizza party! These events are sold out to 180 tickets. According to Ritz chef, Elijah Horgan, the regular amount of pizza consumed per person is about 1 and a half. In kitchen terms, that's two. In show terms, that's at LEAST 360 pizzas in about an hour and a half's time. Throw in your variety light eaters, super enthusiastic eaters (I think one person ate 5 pizzas - amazing!), and you've got a shit load of pizza.

Zack Carlson (seen in the video below as Ninja Turtle friend and fellow vigilante Casey Jones) has been hosting these parties for the last couple years, and still remains very enthusiastic that this is one of the greatest movies of all time. He explains the thoughts behind the pizza menu, and presents a very special, all-animal band to introduce the show. Huge thanks to everyone in the Alamo kitchen for letting me squeeze around them and film over their shoulder, and huge thanks to the Charles Edward Cheese Band (who you will love after watching the video below).


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