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Taste the Love: It’s Valentine’s Day, Alamo-style (x4!)

Love. Food. Film. In our opinion, it's pretty much those three things that make the world go 'round. Naturally, Valentine's Day is always an opportunity for us to celebrate all three. And this year we're doing it BIG TIME  by hosting an unprecedented FOUR feasts on Valentine's Day featuring four of the most romantic and/or tastebud-tantalizing cinema classics.

At Village, it's '80s adventure-romance favorite THE PRINCESS BRIDE; At Lamar, it's the venerable Hollywood classic WEST SIDE STORY; at Lake Creek, it's the charming indie gem CHOCOLAT; and at Ritz, it's Ang Lee's masterful EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN. Our chefs have outdone themselves creating mouth-watering menus inspired by each film. Check them out below.

Tickets for all four shows go on sale Tues, 1/18/11.

To purchase tickets, follow the individual show links.

[And note, all menus will also feature drink pairings for each course, included in the ticket price]

Chef Brandon Hanna's PRINCESS BRIDE Menu
Alamo Village - Click here for tickets

Miracle Max's MLT
Slow smoked mutton sliced paper thin and piled high on rustic bread with tomato and arugula.

Farm Fresh Chicken Soup from Florin
Farm-raised chicken in a hearty broth with fresh veggies. Served with a Gloucester grilled cheese crouton.

Screeching Eel Salad
Crispy smoked eel served on fresh seasonal greens with blood orange vinaigrette.

Roasted R.O.U.S
Beef tenderloin rubbed in roasted peppercorn, black mustard seed, and espresso beans, then roasted to a perfect medium-rare. Served with mushroom truffle risotto, baby artichoke, and a port-demi.

Twue Wuf Truffles
Two miracle pill-sized dark chocolate truffles with fresh cream and homemade caramel drizzle.

Chef Chris Kincaid's WEST SIDE STORY Menu
Alamo South Lamar - Click here for tickets

Oyster with strawberry mignonette.

Krupke (potato) encrusted shark with passion fruit and micro arugula.

Beef tenderloin lightly smoked topped with gorgonzola and broccoli raab.

Botifarra Catalana
Puerto Rican sausage containing beef, pork and truffles with white beans and spicy corn on the cob.

Tres Leches ala Venezuela
Layers of lemon and lime cake soaked in cream with Dulce de Lechoza and queso fresco.

Chef Chris Crowley's CHOCOLAT Menu
Alamo Lake Creek - Click here for tickets

Chocolate Taste
Three chocolate tastes: sweet, salty and savory -- all organic chocolate

Duck Confit
With raspberry shallot jam on a chocolate baguette crisp, topped with chocolate coated cracklings

Provencal Tomato Soup
Cocoa prawns and shaved chocolate

Game Hen
Draped in chocolate with flageolet beans and baby carrots

Irish Hot Chocolate
Hot ancho chocolate with clover honey and Irish cream

Chef Elijah Horgan's EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN Menu
Alamo Ritz - Click here for tickets

Crab Dumplings
Steamed crab dumplings served with thai-style peanut sauce

Duck Salad with Green Tea Vinaigrette
Braised duck with ginger and garlic, served on top of mesclun mix and
cabbage with green tea vinaigrette

"Tsu-An Tofu" soup
Tofu, chicken and "stewed" pork with egg noodles in "hen's broth"

Braised Short Ribs
Slow-braised beef short ribs with garlic-sauteed pea shoots and
scented jasmine rice

Coconut Bread Pudding
Warm coconut bread with pecans and walnuts. Topped with
vanilla cardamom cream

All feast menus are subject to slight change due to availability of fresh ingredients.


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