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Take a seat!

Take a seat and stay a while, why don't ya? 

Take a seat!

As promised in last week's gut-spill, our theaters are getting dressed and ready for you.

I guess you could say we're putting our shoes on first.  This is Theater 1, one of our biggest screens with roughly 200 seats. 

And here's a close up of an extra wide aisle, where a long bar will be installed shortly.  These are measured precisely for around-the-seat maneuvering and food-to-mouth facilitation. It’s all about the details, people!

Armrests! Or a conceptual art project, your call.  We'll have three theaters with roughly 60 seats, and this is one of them. 

This is our OTHER 200+ seat theater. Some wonderful DAZED AND CONFUSED Quote Along foreshadowing was taking place at this very moment, as "Tuesday's Gone" blasted during this snap.  Made me want to throw out that damn football contract in my pocket, all over again! Errrr, I’m not Jason London, never mind.  

Same theater, viewed from the top at its projection booth. We will have a 35mm in this one! Hear, hear!

Speaking of heavy machinery here is a member of our sound system. Welcome aboard!


And our trusty bar, coming along nicely. We'll have a total of 32 taps and they're going to feel right at home here. Our beer lines will be routed through those two cylinders and into a fully stocked freezer (aka heaven.)  So if you're improvising along at home, raise your glass and cheers to our fast approaching opening!


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