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SXSW Winding Down! But Not Really!

tri-logoIf you've been to the Alamo S. Lamar this week and you're not a part of SXSW, you probably thought to yourself, "WTF are all of these people doing here?!" Well, they're watching a lot of movies! Now that the opening weekend of the festival has passed, the crowds will be dying down a bit and you, yes you, non-badgeholder, will be able to see these great SXSW films that are surely generating lots of buzz.

Individual tickets will be available for purchase in the box office throughout the week. Films will be screening until next Saturday and as each day passes, it will be easier to get into these screenings.

Also, be sure to check out the SX Fantastic Fest screenings. All at midnight at S. Lamar, these screenings will totally give you the heebie jeebies (in the best way possible). Here's a few screenings you might be interested in:

A NY THING (Narrative Feature) - Tuesday, March 16th @ 9:45

A comic and melancholy tale following a French dreamer as he spends three days in NYC attempting to convince the object of his desire that his love is indeed authentic. A loving ode to NYC and the things we find peculiar in love and the big city. Starring Greta Gerwig, Jonathan Zaccai, Fanny Valette and Ebon Moss-Bachrach.  French/USA co- production in association with ARTE. One of the small gems at SXSW.

SERBIAN FILM (SX Fantastic Fest) - Monday, March 15th at Midnight

Facing financial difficulties, a retired porn star is lured back for one final film by a wealthy, eccentric producer. This experience, however, will be vastly more taxing than his previous shoots.

MONSTERS (SX Fantastic Fest) - Thursday, March 18th at Midnight

Six years after a NASA probe crashes, bringing alien life forms to Earth, a journalist agrees to escort a shaken American tourist through an infected zone in Mexico to the safety of the US border.

HIGANJIMA (SX Fantastic Fest) - Friday, March 19th at Midnight

Two years after losing contact, Akira discovers that his long-lost brother may be found on Higanjima Island. He may also find on Higanjima an army of blood-sucking vampires.

COLD WEATHER (Narrative Feature) - Thursday, March 18th at 9pm

A former forensic science major and avid reader of detective fiction, who, after making a mess of his life in Chicago, returns to his hometown of Portland, Oregon. There, he, his sister Gail, and new friend Carlos become embroiled in something unexpected.

MARWENCOL (Documentary Feature) - Friday, March 19th at 1:15pm

After a vicious attack leaves him brain damaged and broke, Mark Hogancamp seeks recovery in “Marwencol,” a 1/6th-scale World War II-era town he creates in his backyard.

Saw a movie at SXSW that you absolutely loved? Put it in the comments here and recommend it to others! We'll see you at the theater!

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