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If you missed the South by Southwest Grand Jury Award winning documentary MARWENCOL, we're giving you three more chances to catch this fantastic documentary.  MARWENCOL has been garnering great reviews and racking up awards and accolades on the festival circuit.  So, don't miss screenings at The Ritz on Nov 10, 17, and 24, presented by South by Southwest Film Festival.

In April of 2000 Mark Hogancamp was savagely beaten by five men outside of a bar.  The attack that almost killed him put Mark in a coma for nine days and left him with little memory of his previous life.  Unable to afford traditional therapy, Mark was left to mend his own physical and psychic wounds.  To do so, he created an imaginary World War II-era Belgian town called Marwencol and populated it with dolls that represented fictional characters as well as his friends, family, and even his attackers.

After a few years, Mark started taking hyper-realistic photographs of the scenes that played out in his imaginary town.  Episodes of violence, lust, and longing featuring his doll doppelganger "Captain Hogan" mirrored aspects of his life and ultimately helped Mark to regain his sanity.

When a prestigious New York art gallery invites Mark to showcase his photos, he must choose whether or not to leave the safety of his imaginary sanctum for the uncertainty of the world at large.

Check out what the press are saying about MARWENCOL:

"I can barely describe the wonders of 'Marwencol,' Jeff Malmberg's documentary about a man, brain-damaged following a near-fatal beating, who has built a fictional WWII-era Belgian town out of tiny props and Barbie-size dolls." -Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

" absorbing portrait of an outsider artist; a fascinating journey from near-death to active life; a meditation on the brain's ability to forge new pathways when old ones have been destroyed." -V.A. Musetto, New York Post

"One of the oddest and most moving documentaries since 'Best Boy' or 'Grey Gardens,' Jeff Malmberg's debut film is a marvel." -Liam Lacey, Toronto Globe & Mail

"Exactly the sort of mysterious and almost holy experience you hope to get from documentaries and rarely do... like a homegrown slice of Herzog oddness, complete with true-crime backfill and juicy metafictive upshot." -Michael Atkinson, Village Voice

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