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This weekend is a good weekend for Austin film.  Austinite Ben Steinbauer's WINNEBAGO MAN is having a limited theatrical run at the South Lamar and Ritz.  He's been getting some great press for his documentary about the most angry viral video in history; Michael Moore calls the film "One of the funniest documentaries ever made," and Roger Ebert tweeted, “Holy shit, is this a fucking funny documentary.”  He and the film's subject, Jack Rebney, even got on The Tonight Show last month!

We're very proud to support Austin filmmaking and show this great doc.  But there's also another Austin film we're excited about presenting this weekend, a film that isn't getting quite the wide promotion that WINNEBAGO MAN is.  Bob Byington, the writer/director of last year's HARMONY AND ME, is bringing his film [RSO] REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER to the Ritz this Sunday.  The film was a huge hit at the 2008 SXSW, and since then has become something of a whispered-about cult indie.

"[RSO] REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER, follows the unenviable life of one ex-convict, played by newbie Gabriel McIver, who must reintegrate into a world that has indefinitely deemed him a social leper. He must deal with all of the minutiae that all of these other sad, pitiful, white males that we love to capture on film must deal with, but with the dark cloud of criminal damnation hovering somewhere just above his brow, to humorous effect. We don't know what he did (just yet) but we are guessing that, in his case, the punishment and repulsion may not fit the crime." (Austinist)

The film features a number of local Austin film people, including Richard Linklater and Andrew Bujalski.  Byington, the director, will be on hand for this special screening to do a Q&A.  And who's going to hose the event?  WINNEBAGO MAN director Ben Steinbauer.  See, we're all one big happy family.

The first 50 people to buy advance tickets will get a free DVD of HARMONY AND ME! Hurry to get your tickets for [RSO] REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER this Sunday, 10:45pm at the Ritz.

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