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Survey Says? Give Us Your Answers For Fantastic Feud!

The Fantastic Feud, brainchild of FearNet’s own Scott Weinberg, pits the greatest American horror scholars against the feeble competition from foreign lands. Much drinking and feats of mental agility ensue. Help out by giving us your answers!

Survey Says? Give Us Your Answers For Fantastic Feud!

In addition to being the foremost celebration of genre film in the United States, Fantastic Fest is a world-class gathering of the most scarily-obsessed horror and sci-fi nerds in the world. While few of us can figure out how to adhere to a 2,000 calorie diet or get a date, these fans can damn sure tell you who directed FRIDAY THE 13th PART 3.

FANTASTIC FEUD is a live game show that pits a panel of nerds hailing from the U.S.A. against an equally (well, nearly equally) knowledgeable bunch of film fans from the rest of the world. There are multiple rounds of trivia challenges, survey questions and more -- including some brand new surprises! FEARnet's Scott Weinberg keeps the show moving with his rapid-fire wit and roguish charm.

2012 marks the six-year anniversary of Fantastic Feud. Will the International team finally get their first win? Will we go an entire year without a fistfight or an onstage make-out session? Will the winning team stay sober enough to accept their prize at the end? Stay tuned for the answers!

But first, prepare yourself to answer a very short survey of fun, genre film-related questions! Once again, part of the Fantastic Feud is based on the opinions of the fantastic attendees, so fill out this brief survey before Wednesday, September 19th (the day before Fantastic Fest) and let your voice be heard! (Lars and Max)


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