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Support UT and Austin-filmmaking this Week at DANCE WITH THE ONE

We're really excited to engage DANCE WITH THE ONE this Tuesday. This film is the first production of the newly formed University of Texas Film Institute, a program designed to get student and alumni involvement in feature film production in a hands-on way. With no creative input from non U-Texans and no financing from outside investors, UTFI films are truly the products of this important and vibrant Austin community.

As the first film coming out of UTFI, DANCE WITH THE ONE is a triumph. The film played in competition at SXSW this year, an incredible honor and a veritable coup for an infant studio. Since then, the film has played in numerous festivals, including the AFI Dallas International Film Festival.

DANCE WITH THE ONE was made by over 120 UT/UTFI students, in all facets of pre-production, production and post-production, including writer Smith Henderson (MFA ‘08 Michener Center for Writers); director Mike Dolan (MFA ’07 MCW); cinematographer Marcel Rodriguez (MFA ‘10 RTF); production designer Yvonne Boudreaux (MFA ’07 Theater and Dance); and three recent undergraduate RTF students—editor David Fabelo, art director Sam Avila and casting director Molly Green. More than just an educational exercise, it represents the creative output of a new generation of fresh-minded filmmakers eager to prove their budding talents.

And we're going to have some of these filmmakers at the screening for an introduction and Q&A: Director Mike Dolan, Producer Alex Smith, and Stars Gabriel Luna and Mike Davis!

About DANCE WITH THE ONE: At nineteen Nate Hitchens is sick of being the man of the house. He deals pot to take care of his sixteen-year-old brother and pay the taxes on the broken down home they share with their broken down father, Owen. Riddled with grief over his wife's tragic death, Owen is a useless drunken patriarch, forcing Nate to man-up in a way that he is not yet mature enough to handle.

In an attempt to give his brother the life he couldn't have, and to run away from his dismal home life, Nate takes on a deal that will shatter his family forever.

Make sure to free up your calendar forTuesday night and get over to South Lamar for a night of Austin love with the UTFI and DANCE WITH THE ONE.

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