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Summer Movie Kids’ Camp Kicks Off Monday with IRON GIANT & CORALINE in 3D!

Every Summer, just about the time it gets hot enough outside to boil cobalt, we start up the FREE Summer Movie Kids' Camp Series- an oasis of air conditioning and celluloid Monday through Thursday at Alamo South Lamar and Village! Think of it like an intensive, Summer-long crash course in luxuriating- the kiddos aren't gonna learn that in no School! (Also, Parents, it's important to teach your children about the dangers of double negatives.)

Kids' Camp kicks off this Monday, and for the first time in the history of free Summer kids film programming, the Alamo presents a selection of kid-friendly films in 3D! You read that right- FREE 3D!

Starting Monday at Village, check out the Tim Burton-produced, Henry Selick-directed modern masterpiece CORALINE in 3D! And starting Monday at Lamar, Brad Bird's immortal IRON GIANT pummels the screen in glorious 35mm!

CLICK HERE for the complete Summer line up!


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