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STRANGE BREW? Damn right.

Raise your glass to our brothers from the Great White North as we prepare to celebrate Canada Day (July 1, duh) with a special beer-laden screening of STRANGE BREW at the Alamo South Lamar. If our anecdotal evidence of Canada is in the least bit accurate, then the typical Fête du Canada is spent stocking up on two-fours, getting blindingly drunk, cracking some hoser's head over the eternal debate of Gretzky vs. Lemieux, and then capping the night off with late-night donuts and double doubles at Tim Horton's. Admittedly, this may be a somewhat singular view, but what can you do when the better part of your Canadian exposure has come from watching SCTV reruns and old Bryan Adams videos? Hey, at least we didn't resort to cracks about maple syrup and the majestic beaver.

All joking aside, many great things have come out of Canada over the years: the lightbulb, Donald Sutherland, RUSH, back bacon, flannel shirts (or BC dinner jackets if you will), poutine (google that shit), and the endlessly entertaining big-bag-of-crazy that is Céline Dion. The list goes on and on. But in our minds, the aforementioned SCTV, and particularly the characters Bob and Doug McKenzie, are about as fiercely Canadian as you can get. These two characters epitomize the beer-swilling, toque sporting, dimwits that we all strive to become one day.

It's time to raise your maple-leaf flag and get ready to drink and eat your way through a cross-section of Canada's finest as we present STRANGE BREW on Canada Day. There's a reason this film has stood the test of time, and it only gets better the more times you watch it and the more beers you drink while doing so.

A movie-only ticket is available for any hosers who may wish to attend.


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