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Step Into Scouting With Troop Beverly Hills

Girl Scouts dressed in their uniform will get free admittance and free popcorn at this month's screenings of the 1989 classic Shelley Long comedy, TROOP BEVERLY HILLS.

Step Into Scouting With Troop Beverly Hills

Boy, it’s hot outside. Hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk – and maybe a couple strips of bacon too.

With the sun bearing down on the earth like the withered stare of a mother-in-law as she spots you drinking straight from the milk carton, parents are left with a tough decision? Do you tell the kids to go outside and play, knowing full well that any large quantity of time spent frolicking in the sun may leave your child looking like a piece of dehydrated fruit? Well, why not spend some mother/daughter time at the Alamo Drafthouse this month with two screenings of the 1989 comedy classic TROOP BEVERLY HILLS.

Former CHEERS star Shelley Long stars as Phyllis Nefler, a Beverley Hills housewife who finds her life turned upside down when she begins divorce procedures with her husband (played by Craig T. Nelson). In order to cope with the upheaval and change in her life, Phyllis decides to commit to being the leader of her daughter’s Wilderness Girls troop.

The film features a ton of young actresses who would later go on to become familiar faces you might recognize today, including indie music darling Jenny Lewis; WATCHMEN star Carla Gugino; ER actress Kellie Martin; and from the original BEVERLY HILLS 90210 Tori Spelling. In addition, keep an eye out for cameos from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Robin Leach, Frankie Avalon and Cheech Marin.

In order to celebrate TROOP BEVERLY HILLS and the fictional Wilderness Girls program, we have invited local Girl Scouts of America troops to join in on the fun. If your daughter is already a Girl Scout and comes to the film in her uniform, she will get into the screening for FREE and also receive FREE popcorn.

So, escape the heat and enjoy a classic film with your daughter, niece or little sister. And remember: Patches? We don't need no stinkin’ patches.  


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