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Start Trekkin Across the Universe

START TREKKIN': LIVE IMPROVISED STAR TREK Tues, Feb 9 at the Alamo Ritz Advance tickets available here

J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" was one of the top grossing films of 2009. Now, see THE highest-grossing-improvised-parody-of-the-tv-show-that-inspired-that-movie of 2009!

"Start Trekkin", produced by the Hideout Theatre, played to a near sold-out house last fall at the Alamo South Lamar, so now they're bringing their completely improvised parody of the classic tv show to the Alamo Ritz.

Based on audience suggestions, the show's comedic cast will boldly create a never-before-seen space epic set in the original Star Trek universe, preceded by a series of interactive improv games and scenes - including live improvised dubbing of classic Star Trek tv clips and 60s era commercials!

Win a chance for tickets to upcoming Hideout Theatre shows by coming in costume, or trying out your best Kirk impersonation.

You'll be stunned by... authentic music and sound effects! fake rocks and cheap-looking sets! thinly veiled social allegory!

The final frontier will never be the same.

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