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Starship Troopers screenings to have live explosions. Would you like to know more?

To celebrate one of the best action movies of the '90s, we're screening STARSHIP TROOPERS twice in August — both times with live, in-theater explosions. Feel the flames on your face as you help blast alien-scum with complimentary cap guns. Come on you apes. You want to live forever?

Starship Troopers screenings to have live explosions. Would you like to know more?


We here at the Alamo Drafthouse love explosions. From little combustions (such as the lit match that Michael Bay stares into longingly on those cold and lonely nights) to the gigantic, world-destroying explosions that exist only in the finest of science-fiction cinematic extravagance, we dig it when shit blows up.

To celebrate our love affair with flames and gunpowder, we’re hosting two very special 35mm screenings of the 1997 film STARSHIP TROOPERS.  As it stands, Paul Verhoeven’s classic ode to propaganda and bug smashing is a certified action film masterpiece. Between being the pinnacle of Casper Van Dien’s career to using the finest of special effects to finally bring to life director Verhoeven’s obsession with female anatomy and personify it as a carnivorous, man-eating creature, STARSHIP TROOPERS has it all — well, except for one little thing: LIVE EXPLOSIONS!!!

That’s why we will be screening the film twice in August — each time bringing the thunder with a very special pyrotechnic set-up. Every time there’s an explosion on the big screen, you’ll see one in the theater too. Heck, you’ll probably even feel the heat on your face.

In addition to the explosions in the front of the theater, we’re also giving each audience member their own cap gun so they can personally join the fight against Earth’s insect menace. Service guarantees citizenship, after all.

These two screenings of STARSHIP TROOPERS will be a symphony of destruction — filled to the brim with the three C’s needed in any well-balanced Action Pack breakfast: Carnage, Cap Guns and Clancy Brown. Heck, we’ll throw Jake Busey playing an electric violin in there for free!

Don’t delay in buying your tickets to this special event because they’re going fast. You don’t want to miss your chance to see Denise Richards going toe to toe with giant bugs while your eyebrows are slowly singed away by live explosions in the theater. Come on you apes. You want to live forever?

Saturday, August 20 @ 7:30 PM — Mason Park

Wednesday, August 31 @ 7:30 PM — West Oaks


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