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STARSHIP TROOPERS screens this month at your neighborhood Alamo! Would you like to know more?

Don't miss one of the most glorious, most grandiouse, most perfect movies ever created!

STARSHIP TROOPERS screens this month at your neighborhood Alamo! Would you like to know more?

This month, you will have the chance, nay the privilege, to see one of the greatest movies ever bestowed to mankind. Like Prometheus before him, in 1997 Paul Verhoeven traveled up to the heavens and brought back fire for mankind. That fire was STARSHIP TROOPERS, one of the smartest, funniest and most badass action films to escape kicking and screaming from the '90s. Clad in the deceptive shell of a Casper Van Dien/Denise Richards movie, STARSHIP TROOPERS is a Trojan horse of satire. This is THE movie about 9/11 and the war on terrorism - who cares if it came out four years too early? 

As it stands, Paul Verhoeven’s classic ode to propaganda and bug smashing is a certified action film masterpiece. Between being the pinnacle of Casper Van Dien’s career to using the finest of special effects to finally bring to life director Verhoeven’s obsession with female anatomy and personify it as a carnivorous, man-eating creature, STARSHIP TROOPERS has everything you could look for in a movie. Romance? Yep. Feets of derring-do? Of course. Clancy Brown? You bet!

Heck, we’ll throw Jake Busey playing an electric violin in there for free!

Don’t delay in buying your tickets to this special event because they’re going fast. You don’t want to miss your chance to see Denise Richards going toe to toe with giant bugs while your brain is being slowly roasted by this movie's radioactive splendor. Join me for one of the most glorious, most grandiose, most perfect movies ever created.

Come on you apes. You want to live forever?

Buy tickets for Houston!

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