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Stars of Beerfest live in person April 19!

Even before today's bold announcement, April 19 was shaping up to be a great day for beer. We'll be screening the modern-day cult classic Beerfest, replete with all the trappings: beer pong in the lobby, extreme quarters and a beer flight inspired by the movie; a slate of five German beers and their competing American brews of the same style. On top of that, this event is in celebration of the Brewers Association Craft Brewers Conference, so you'll get to experience it with beer royalty from across the globe.

All of this is very cool; undoubtably a fun time. It's such a fun time, though, that the stars of the film, Jay Chandrasekhar (Barry) and Steve Lemme (Finkelstein) of Broken Lizard are flying in to be a part of the action. They'll introduce the film, answer any questions you may have, and they are intent on kicking everyone's ass in the competition to win actual glass beer boots, just like in the movie. If you love beer, there is no other place in this town that you should inhabit on April 19.

Tickets and info on the Alamo websiste

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