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Springtime Menu Specials

Alice-in-Wonderland-Posters-Mad-HatterOur new spring specials are out and they are tasty! Pared down from eighteen ideas offered by our crack team of chefs from all locations we bring to you five film inspired creations for the next six weeks or so:

The biggest film of the spring looks to be Alice in Wonderland, so add a fourth dimension to your experience by ordering the WHITE RABBIT & TWEEDLE DUMPLINGS, a hot bowl of rabbit and delicious dumplings with our own re-imagining of the classic chicken dish full of fresh vegetables and oyster mushrooms.

Nothing says EAT ME, DRINK ME more than your own mini tea party. The only possible reason you might want to hold off on our exquisite poppy clashseed meyer lemon glazed cake is if you think the seeds might show up on a random drug test, so sorry we can't offer the real thing. Our warm tea cake is in a sweet meyer lemon glaze with a dollop of sour cream and your choice of hot tea.

Another big hit this spring will be the remake Clash of the Titans. For that we are going to take you to the top of Olympus with our LAMB OF THE GODS. Three lamb chops are grilled and served with thick minted greek yogurt and a fried artichoke heart, chilled orzo salad with grilled zucchini. We also celebrate the Kraken by offering his favorite taste of the sea, oven roasted CRAB CAKES served with lemon caper aioli.

hit girlOur last special is one sure to make the permanent menu. THE KICK-ASS SANDWICH! It is comprised of spicy seared tofu, marinated sweet carrots, daikon, sunflower sprouts, red onions, green peppers, fresh jalapenos, and sambal mayo on a toasted baguette.

Come in and get them while they are here because its going to be summer soon, and on to Iron Man!


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