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Prepare for your radar to be jammed at our SPACEBALLS Quote-Along

Before the word spoof was considered dirty, Mel Brooks was mastering the art of mockery. Join us for two very special screenings of his classic 1987 comedy SPACEBALLS — programed by those masters of interactive cinema, The Action Pack.

Prepare for your radar to be jammed at our SPACEBALLS Quote-Along

Do you remember those blissful days back before the word “spoof” was considered dirty? Once upon a time, when the Mel Brooks and Zucker Brothers of the world were making audiences laugh with a new comedy released practically every summer, people actually anticipated spoof films. The gag-filled, sometimes corny comedies were an entertaining way to poke fun at the films we held in such high esteem and remind us that movies are, ultimately, entertainment.

Spoof movies don’t need to be terrible and they don’t need to be avoided. We here at the Alamo remember the days when watching a spoof films was as sure-fire a source for comedic bliss as reading the latest issue of Mad Magazine and that’s why we’re screening SPACEBALLS as a Quote-Along event this September.

One of Mel Brooks’ funniest films, SPACEBALLS is a 1987 comedy starring Bill Pullman (not Paxton) and John Candy as two space-bound heroes who must harness the power of the Schwartz and do battle with Dark Helmet (played by Rick Moranis, an actor who has been depressing audiences for the last decade with his absence from modern comedies). Daphne Zuniga, Joan Rivers and Mel Brooks also star.

Everything from STAR WARS to STAR TREK to ALIEN is taken aim at in Brooks’ send-up of sci-fi spectaculars.  While STAR WARS has arguably been parodied to death over the last thirty years, SPACEBALLS is vintage Brooks so that means nothing but the cream of the crop when it comes to jokes about Jawas.

As with every Quote-Along event programmed by The Action Pack, we’ll provide audiences with an assortment of awesome props — each handpicked to maximize movie immersion. We’ve also subtitled some of the best lines from the movie to allow audiences the chance to quote along lines from the film with their favorite characters. Yes, this is one event where we won’t kick you out for talking during the movie!

SPACEBALLS is a comedy classic and we’re super psyched to be screening the film twice in Houston. Don’t miss out on this sure-to-be-galactic-sized-fun event… and may the Schwartz be with you! 

Wednesday, September 7 @ 7:30 PM — West Oaks

Thursday, September 22 @ 7 PM — Mason Park



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