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South Mopac Alamo Drafthouse: Construction Update

South Mopac Alamo Drafthouse: Construction Update

Things are coming along quite nicely down south! I drove out there today to check it out myself. It was a little daunting, walking through a super dusty construction site in 102 degrees wearing skinny jeans and Toms (not appropriate construction wear... or summer wear for that matter). I met a charming fellow with a serous mustache, explained that I worked for the theater and wanted to take pictures and he said "There it is!" I asked if it was okay if I walked around, he said "I have no idea!" Thanks, guy! 

I opted to walk around anyway, desperately trying not to step on any nails, screws, metal shards, or other dangerous materials. I also walked inside, hardhat-less, hoping that nothing would fall and crush my skull. Good news, everyone! So far, the new Alamo Drafthouse is super safe! None of those things happened!

Now, I don't know the construction terms for any of this, so I'll just say the obvious - we have a ceiling! In fact, we have an entire theater shell. It was actually kind of cool to walk around in. It's just a massive empty concrete space with holes where the doors and windows will be right now, but it's definitely starting to look like a theater.

Here are some pictures!


We have an address!


Our new super hip design scheme.
Oh wait, nope, that's just some super crappy tagging. Hey taggers! If you're gonna tag our new site, please send a good artist, kthx!


The "shell" of the building. That red catwalk situation will eventually be a projection booth.


We're not gonna tell you what this space is yet. You'll be stoked about it though! Promise!


There are more pictures on our Flickr page here! We'll be updating that album more frequently, and keep an eye out here for weekly updates about this location, including exciting updates about that mystery space to the right of the entrance, interviews with our architect, designer, Tim League, and other folks involved, and eventually, an opening date! Things are happening!

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