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Sound & Cinema returns with Flash Gordon and Magnifico!

Our summer partnership with Do512 returns to the Long Center this Wednesday with the greatest Queen cover band you'll ever experience. Free!

Sound & Cinema returns with Flash Gordon and Magnifico!

FLASH! AAAAAaaaaAAAAH! He'll save every one of us!

As the Perseid Meteor Shower is illuminating our night skies through the early morning hours, remember - any one of those harmless-seeming little chunks of space rock could actually be the first wave in an attack on earth from outer space!! And if one of those meteors is lunar debris after a certain Ming the Merciless knocks our moon out of orbit with force beams, our entire planet will only have one hope - that a professional football player will crash into a Russian's lab and end up taking a trip on his rocket ship to the planet Mongo. And, of course, music by Queen would need to follow him up there to set the mood.

Seeing as how that *probably* won't happen tonight, though, we'll have to settle for the next best thing - FLASH GORDON on the lawn of the Long Center with a pre-movie serenade from Magnifico, the best Queen cover band you'll ever experience! Check out the crowd at their recent performance at the Fusebox Festival for proof:

What will your face look like during their set???

As with every show in Aquasana's Sound & Cinema series this summer, the event is totally free, and there will be all sorts of food trucks and beverages available for purchase at the site.  The Food Trailers will be open by 7pm, and the Magnifico will begin at 8pm. FLASH GORDON will immediately follow (after it gets dark).

What you CAN bring:
Folding Chairs, Blankets, personal coolers (non-alcoholic beverages only).

What you CANT bring:
Alcoholic beverages, drugs, weapons or anything illegal, off-leash or loud pets.

Free car2go drop zone parking! Please consider reducing traffic congestion by taking a car2go, biking, walking, or ride-sharing to the event. car2go parking will be available for all events at Long Center main entrance on Riverside. Additional parking available in the Long Center garage.

AUSTIN SOUND & CINEMA is a co-production of Do512 and the Alamo Drafthouse, and is brought to you with the generous support of our 2013 sponsors: Aquasana, Car2Go, AutoNation Toyota, Deep Eddy Vodka, and The Long Center.



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