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SON OF RAMBOW detonates at South Lamar today. Bring the family!

We were happy but not surprised when we opened the Austin Chronicle to find that SON OF RAMBOW was their Four Star Pick of the Week. Read the review here.

Bob Mondello at NPR's All Things Considered loved it too.

We think SON OF RAMBOW is destined to become one of those "cool kids classics." Even though it's not marketed as a kids' film per se, if we had kids - we'd watch it twelve times. In fact we may even adopt some kids just so we can watch it with them. The story of kids growing up in the '80s, learning to love film and finding an outlet in it has the ring of real truth and the performances by the kids are among the best we've seen.

Click here to read more about it and buy tickets.

Note that the film is rated PG-13 for mild "violence and reckless behavior." Which you'll probably see more of on the drive over than in the film.

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