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Something wicked this way comes to West Oaks with a THE GATE double feature of demonic proportions

THE GATE, one of the most notoriously traumatizing children's movies of the '80s, turns 25 this year. The Alamo Drafthouse — West Oaks will be screening the film and its sequel this month and, in preparation, Robert Saucedo chatted with the films' director about making kid-appropriate horror, giant 3D spiders and SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH.

Something wicked this way comes to West Oaks with a THE GATE double feature of demonic proportions


This year marks the 25th anniversary of The Gate, the movie that not only introduced the world to Stephen Dorff, enemy of Daywalkers everywhere, but also launched a thousand childhood nightmares. From pint-sized demons to eyeballs growing out of children’s palms, The Gate is responsible for many a sleepless night as kids rocked back and forth in their bed and prayed that they wouldn’t be devoured in their sleep by rodent-sized monsters.

The film starred Dorff as a young boy who opens a gateway to another dimension by digging a hole in his backyard and mucking around with ancient powerful magic and the even more powerful conduit to hell that is heavy metal.

Directed by Tibor Takács from a script by Michael Nankin, The Gate became one of the biggest success-stories of 1987 when it, a $4 million horror movie from then eight-month-old New Century Vista Film Co., very nearly outgrossed Colombia Pictures’Ishtar, the infamous Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman comedy that cost $40 million plus to make.

To celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary, the Alamo Drafthouse — West Oaks will be screening The Gate as a double feature with its sequel as part of the theater’sGraveyard Shift horror movie series. Both films will be screened from 35mm prints. In advance of the screening, I chatted with director Tibor Takács to discuss the film, its sequel and how directing The Gate landed him a job on Sabrina The Teenage Witch. To read the full interview at Badass Digest, click here

Saturday, February 18 @ 8 PM — West Oaks


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