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A South Lamar Update: Post-Snowpocalypse 2014 Edition!

When I visited the Alamo South Lamar on Friday the 24th it was frigid outside, but things are heating up on the inside as karaoke rooms and theaters begin to take form. 

A South Lamar Update: Post-Snowpocalypse 2014 Edition!

Icicles hung from the outside of the Highball the morning I was there, and my face was numb from the ride up Lamar. But once I stepped inside the building all that vanished from thought as the amount of progress made from my last visit was instantly noticeable.

The first thing I noticed is that the in ground plumbing for the Highball seems to be finished and covered over.

Also looking up I could see that framing for the karaoke rooms had been going in.

I decided to check out the theaters first. Here is the hallway that leads to the theaters. Again, a lot of metal studs and wall framing.

To the right of the hallway is a service hallway that leads up to the karaoke rooms. 

The entrance hallways to both of the new smaller theaters have been framed.

And sheetrock has started going up in the smaller theater to the right.

Here is the hallway to the larger theater. You can see by the metal studs on the left about where a drop ceiling will come down.

This shot inside the larger theater shows that the booth has been framed. You can see where the port window will go. Also notice the duct work. There is a lot of AC and electrical duct work in place throughout the building, though there is clearly a lot more duct work of both varieties yet to be done.

Here is a reverse shot in that same theater. That huge wall there will have a screen on it at some point. 

Heading up the stairs to the upstairs karaoke rooms, here is a shot of the Highball/Lobby area.

The hallway to the karaoke rooms shows 5 rooms: four on the right and one on the left. There will be another karaoke room to the right of the first one you see here, and another one downstairs.

If you go down this hallway, you will eventually get to the projection booth for the two smaller theaters. Except for some AC ducts, not much has happened in this area.

Turning around you can see the service entrances to the karaoke rooms from the lobby (stairs on the left) and from the booth (stairs on the right). 


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