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Sneak Peak: May/June Alamo Calendar

Hey folks, we just sent the calendar to the printer, but if you want to check it out before it hits the web and before it hits the street, you can download the PDF here.

Personal highlights for me in this calendar are the Alamo crawfish boil party, all of the amazing summer blockbusters, the SPEED RACER Road Rally, Eddie Steeples from MY NAME IS EARL live in person with his new film WHEN IS TOMORROW, the new Cinema Cocktails (yes cocktails!) series at the Ritz with GOLDFINGER, SEX AND THE CITY, THE THIN MAN and THE BIG LEBOWSKI, Round #2 of the Austin Rock Band Championships, the free summer kids movies and the TROLL 2 Celebration in Utah. We'll be posting up full details on the web this week, but for those who just can't wait, check it out now!

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