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Last night was our first official commercial-free TV Party at the Alamo Village (as Tim told you about in his post yesterday), and I've gotta say - it was AWESOME. I was nervous about a couple of things going into the show:

1) Would people talk? Audiences in a movie are generally good at being respectful of the people around them, but some people are used to commenting on TV shows because they only ever watch them with their friends. I HATE it when my friends are all talking through a scene and will rudely rewind my DVR to the scene they talked over to remind them that it is QUIET TIME UNTIL THE COMMERCIAL BREAK. So I told the crowd to please not talk at the beginning of the show and explained that I would probably have to personally smack them on the back of the head if they disobeyed, and whoa - the crowd was totally quiet and into it the whole time. I ended up feeling bad because me and my friends were the only ones who talked during the commercials (which were being fast-forwarded through). Next time I'll let everyone know that you're allowed to say what you thought of that part of the episode while we're watching the Aerie girls zip by without having to hear their moronic thoughts.

2) Would the Tivo operation go smoothly? Because if you're not paying attention and you accidentally fast forward too far into the show and I miss an opening line of dialogue or am exposed to a plot point 30 seconds before I should have been then you will have a cranky Drafthouse Henri on your hands. Fortunately, Justin, one of the managers at the Village, turned out to be a super professionaly Tivo master. He was tricked by a Domino's commercial a couple of times and we saw the beginning of it, but for the most part it was perfect. And he was smart enough to pause between Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars to give us a chance to take a bathroom break. Well done, Justin!

With the concerns not being a matter of concern at all there was nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the hugest Veronica Mars ever. I thought the episode itself was pretty bad ass, too, but I don't want to give anything away in case people haven't seen it yet. I never used to watch Gilmore Girls, either, but now I'm glad that we're doing this and I get to come into the show late and just watch and enjoy without getting too up in arms. Those people talk frakking fast, though! Daaaamn!

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