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Alamo Slaughter Lane: STILL HIRING!

The theater is opening on March 8th, with training days starting March 4th. We've got the bulk of our staff, but could still use some help in the kitchen!

Alamo Slaughter Lane: STILL HIRING!

FEB 27 UPDATE: While we're pretty set on the majority of our servers and management positions, we're still in need of folks to staff that kitchen! It's a really fast-paced working environment with lots of great people and a HUGE brand new, top notch kitchen. 

Also, starting March 4th, we have select movie times available with tickets priced at $2! These are our staff training days, so we're trying to get the location running like a well-oiled machine before our official opening date. If you'd like to be part of our "test audience," grab your tickets HERE!

We've got a pretty rad group of folks ready to train you up on how to take part in the Alamo experience, and an 8-screen location just sitting there, waiting for you. So if you're ready to hang out at the Alamo, enjoy employee discounts and general comraderie, while maintaining a pretty sweet gig, we highly recommend you click here: Apply for the Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane (just click the Slaughter box in the locations section on the second page of the application). 

Movie-haters need not apply. That would just be a bummer for everyone. 


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