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Slaughter Lane Construction Update: Prioritizing!

The places we serve alcohol from are shaping up nicely! This is essential to the process!

Slaughter Lane Construction Update: Prioritizing!

Hey folks!

Good news! The places we will be serving alcohol from are shaping up nicely! Obviously, this is essential for an Alamo Drafthouse, but in addition to the photo of the lobby bar above (and yes, that is a beer cooler installed in back), the patio for The 400 Rabbits (our other in house bar) is all paved and fenced in! It's hard to imagine with this damp, rainy weather right now, but just imagine drinking delicious tequila based cocktails sometime next spring. Ahhh... that's nice....


On the theater side of things, we have large empty rooms that are starting to resemble a theater! As you can see below, the theaters are being built with stadium style seating. Also, we've decided to change up the way the tables work in the theater. I don't want to go into detail without having photos to give you yet, but there will be way less climbing under the tables to get to your seat. I'm told this is awesome news to many people. More on that coming soon!


It's going to be an exciting 2012 folks! Construction is moving incredibly fast, and we should actually be able to give you an opening date soon! As always, keep an eye on our blog, Twitter and Facebook for updates. 

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