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Slapshot Event Poster at Mondo Tees!

Jon Smith is a REAL talented artist. And when a REAL talented artist comes to us practically HOUNDING us to do a poster, we're not going to fight it.

For those of you who don't know, Slap Shot is screening this Saturday at Chaparral Ice here in Austin...ON THE ICE!

Now when Jon Smith found out about his favorite film screening in-town, he threw hockey pucks at my head until I agreed to let him do the event poster.

This 24x36 CMYK silkscreen poster (Yes, that is a silkscreen), printed by D&L Screen printers, is available NOW up at for a limited time! Any remaining prints will be at the event for sale.

But wear a helmet. Hockey pucks hurt...real bad.

Check out more of Jon Smith's amazing poster art!

Next up from Jon is the Fantastic Fest 08 poster...can't wait!

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