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A South Lamar Update – SXSW edition

Work has begun on theater seating, the lobby is beginning to look more like a lobby, and the Highball’s bar is starting to come together. 

A South Lamar Update – SXSW edition

Work on the South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse continues unabated while SXSW rages across Austin, and thoughts of what this place will be like this time next year are hard to ignore. In the image above, we can see the installation of metal bars that will be used as mounts for the red paneling that will make up the theater’s distinctive façade. An idea of what it will eventually look like can be seen here.

This is the new lobby. To the right is the box office. The division between the lobby and Highball is becoming more apparent. 

Here is a close up of the box office. It won’t end up being this big as the Highball’s cooler will be situated between the box office and the Highball’s bar on the opposite side of the wall going in here.

Here is the Highball’s progress so far as seen from the entrance from the theater lobby.

The framing and plumbing for the Highball’s bar has gone in.

The stairs to the karaoke rooms is now being walled in.

And the karaoke rooms themselves have walls now, too.

Glass for all of the port holes for all theaters have been installed.

This is the entry to theater 1. The entry to theater 2 is similar.

Here is the framing for the seating risers in theater 2. When I looked in theater 1, the progress looked exactly the same. Theaters 1 and 2 will have four rows, and about 48 seats.

The framing for the seat risers in theater 3 is also under way. This theater will have 5 rows and about 65 seats.

Another view view of the lobby, this time from the hallway leading to the theaters.

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