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South Lamar: Now with Seating!

Seats have been installed in all three theaters, and hardware for the screens is going up. 

South Lamar: Now with Seating!

The image above is of the seats installed in theater three, and the other two theaters also have their seats. But in the rest of the building ceilings work is king. Let’s start in the lobby.

Here is a panoramic shot of the lobby. As last week in one shot of the Highball, you can see cables extending from the ceiling which will be used to install the ceiling tile framing.

Here is the box office.

This is a panoramic shot of the Highball. Note the ceiling tile framing has gone up above the bar and is extending out to the rest of the space.

A close up of the bar.

The karaoke hallway upstairs also has the ceiling tile framing done. Workers were still running cable above that structure.

Not your normally shaped ceiling tile structure. This is the only karaoke room that has this kind of ceiling. Every other room in the building has a normal one.

The hallway leading out to the lobby. Note that the walls have been primed.

Hallway entrance to theater three.

Inside theater three with seating.

Inside theater two with seating. Theater one looks the same in this regard.

This is some of the hardware for the masking that is waiting to go up in theater two.

Here we can see work in progress on building the screen structure inside theater one. The three rectangular structures within the larger screen frame are for the left, center, and right channel speakers.

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