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Skip Elsheimer the AV GEEK Tours Through the Alamo Family

Skip Elsheimer, the creator of the fantastic AV Geeks film collection, is touring the Alamo Drafthouse theatres with his famous collection for a pair of new curated shows that will amuse and enliven you.  Don't know who Skip is?

Formerly a mild-mannered computer technician, Skip Elsheimer now spends his time and money collecting, archiving and presenting old 16mm educational films. What started as a hobby 15 years ago has blossomed into a magnificent obsession, and the collection has grown to over 23,000 films gathered from school auctions, thrift stores, closets and dumpsters. Skip presents themed film shows, tours occasionally, runs a burgeoning stock footage clearinghouse and lives the life he loves. He is one of our heroes.

If you’ve never seen an AV Geeks show before, that’s okay. Expect a program of several amazing, funny and interesting vintage short films in spectacular speckled, scratched 16mm. It’s a damn blast and, well, it’s kinda educational.

This month, Skip's touring his show ALCOHOL IS DYNAMITE!: Vintage 16mm films about the great social lubricant - both pro and con.  Films include:

Curious Habits of Man (1972) - A puzzling film where a Canadian party overlaps with a nature documentary.

A Case for Beer (early 1970s) - A guide for convenience store owners on how to cash in on beer profits while looking out for under-aged customers.

Alcohol is Dynamite (1958) - Tragedy-monger Sid Davis demonstrates to teenagers the slippery slope of alcohol and its ability to destroy lives.

8/22 at 7pm: Alamo Drafthouse Park North (San Antonio, TX) 8/23 at 7pm: Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek (Austin, TX) 8/24 at 7pm: Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar (Austin, TX) 8/27 at 7pm: Alamo Drafthouse Mason (Katy, TX)

And on Thursday August 26 at the Highball in Austin Texas, as a very special extra show, Skip is bringing his show, YOUR PROM DATE, featuring vintage 16mm films about the joy and melodrama that is the school dance! Films include:

As Others See Us – The Dairy Council shows us how to behave when at a social event.

Getting Closer – Will young Greg make it to the dance tonight or will his shyness keep him at home with his lizard?

It’s a Thought – A junior high girl imagines what it would be like to be a popular kid at the school dance.

8/26 at 7pm: The Highball (Austin, TX)

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