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Skatin’! Fightin’! Brolin! THRASHIN’!!!!!!!!!

Josh Brolin does all his own stunts in THRASHIN'

Skatin’! Fightin’! Brolin! THRASHIN’!!!!!!!!!

Zzang!!! presents THRASHIN' in 35mm!
Sunday - 1/16 - Ritz - only 5 bucks!

Are you a teenage rager who's a slave to the need for speed? Or do you just want to see a young, blow-dried Josh Brolin do wicked 180s and fistfight beach punks? Either way, YOU WIN! Zzang!!! is worshiping the '80s with a 35mm print of the single greatest skateboarding epic in cinematic history, and you're invited to the max!!

Oscar nominee Brolin plays Corey, a skateboard-crazed teen tourist who quickly falls for a true California dreamgirl. Unfortunately, her brother Tommy is the kingpin of The Daggers, a gang of criminal deckriders who rule Venice Beach with a denim fist. These off-suburban nogoodniks dent cars, berate breakdancers and get severely peeved when Valley pissants like Corey horn in on their ramps and/or siblings.

The rivalry is fierce; Corey is called “Val trash” and counters with “punk poseur.” Hatred flairs, limbs are broken in wheeled combat and Tommy performs some blazing air guitar in preparation for the film’s epic climax: a 20-mile downhill skate race named The LA Massacre.

Incredibly, Brolin and the other cast members do much of their own skate and stunt work, adding surplus thrills to this already-raging adolescent eyeburner. Definitely the single most combustible triumph in skater cinema, presented to you in a gorgeous 35mm print! ZZANG!!!


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