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Sign Up To See The Original ROBOCOP At The Alamo Drafthouse

It's up to you to make this screening happen!

Sign Up To See The Original ROBOCOP At The Alamo Drafthouse

In life, there are few immutable truths. Mortals must die, the sun sets in the west, puppies are cute and everybody loves ROBOCOP. I have legitimately never met a person who's seen ROBOCOP and doesn't love it. It's one of those movies fans watch again and again, have entire scenes of it memorized, quote every line incessantly. And here's your chance to see it on the big screen along with a beer and some Queso Magnifico! Don't you want to see Peter Weller cracking criminal skulls and cleaning up Detroit on the silver screen? After all, role models are important.

ROBOCOP super fan Rockie Juarez has established an opportunity for you guys to watch the original ROBOCOP at the Alamo on October 3rd, and all you have to do is sign up! So hear him out and get tickets here.


My name is Rockie Juarez.  And I love ROBOCOP dearly.  I also love my job at Vulcan Video as well as my former employers at the Alamo Drafthouse.  It only makes sense to me that we combine these flavors and make it an evening to remember.  Thanks to Tugg, a common film nut like myself can feel like a programmer for a night and host a screening.  It took me forever to decide on a movie to present to everyone because Tugg had some great options ranging from animated features to Ray Harryhausen-laced spectacle. 

I finally decided on OCP's finest creation because, well, ROBOCOP has never let me down.  Both as high entertainment and as a film that has stayed with me all my life, ROBOCOP is an institution. The film resides in a category I like to call 'The Last Of Their Kind,' meaning, well, they don't make 'em like this anymore.

ROBOCOP holds up today with incredible special effects from wizards like Phil Tippett and Rob Bottin, glorious matte work and Paul Verhoeven's manic approach to a dark, dark future. At age 13 my father showed me the film on VHS, warping me for life.  At age 17, I worked at a Blockbuster Video (not proud of it) in San Antonio. It was the highest rented film of all time at that location and fourth overall in Texas stores.  Flash forward to me age 32, ROBOCOP stares at me from his framed international poster here at Vulcan North and I happily wear my employee shirt featuring our hero on it as well.  Another factor that sealed the deal was having Alamo programmer Samuel B. Prime come into Vulcan Video and buy a Robotaur shirt, saying he was going to send it to the mighty Ed Neumeier! Two weeks later he posted this: The great Ed Neumeier (writer of ROBOCOP and STARSHIP TROOPERS) in our Robotaur Vulcan shirt. 

Needless to say my year was made.  Now I want to transfer this energy to you.  Won't you please join us on October 3rd at the best theater in town with a video store crew that gives a damn about the history of cinema and the celebration of it? After my tiny introduction, we'll go into a little bit of trivia where you can win Vulcan gift cards, free rentals and MORE.  On behalf of Vulcan North and South, we thank you. 

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter as well. 

--Rockie Juarez
Isle Of Cinema writer/contributor 
Vulcan Video North Employee 7 years and climbing.  

Go HERE for info on how you can purchase tickets!  

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