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It’s a sign


It’s a sign

Did our pretty new banner catch your eye on a recent wind-tousled drive? Now we're winking back!

Welcome back, Westchester, it's time for another stroll through Alamo land. Ready? Ready??

Okay, onward.

Remember that imaginary beer we shared last time? Well my friends, it's still imaginary. But now we know exactly where it's going -- in this quite hospitable rectangle! 


Please allow me to point out two matters of interest.  

One: this is our kitchen and has been generously furbished with a floor, so now we may stand upon it. Sweet!

Two: That black wall will house a very special micro theater.  With just over 20 seats this cozy spot will become our most intimate of places to enjoy a movie, and may I also point out, a fabulous place for a private party where you can screen pretty much anything your little heart desires, along with your best friends (or most antagonizing enemies, if that's how you roll...).


And speaking of movies (always!) how would you like to learn a little known fact? Audio speakers are generally hidden behind the beloved silver screen.  Therefore, all screens are actually perforated to allow sound to pass through them at maximum impact to you, dear audience. Thankfully, these tiny holes are indecipherable to the eye (but not the ear!).

Our opening is a-coming! Doors will start swinging in mid-July. Stay in touch and stay tuned. 


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