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Shade-tipping with the crew of Everything is Terrible

Seldom do the Gods of the Internet shine down upon us with such radiating brilliance as they have with the video blog Everything is Terrible.  Countless hours have been spent making productivity sacrifices at the altar of video oddities our cultish leaders at EIT have culled from bargain bin VHS tapes around the country.  Cat massaging, magic crystals, soccer moms with guns, and erotic self-massage with Angela Lansbury have all been featured in EIT's post-modern masterworks.  For those never exposed to the EIT treatment, let us take a moment to get to know Duane, who could perhaps be the unofficial mascot of the Everything is Terrible universe.

Don't you just want to take this little guy home with you and make him dance on your coffee table for nickels?

Now, how about we change gears for a second and take a look at one of my personal favorite EIT videos: Knives vs. Cops.

I could go on and on posting videos, but they would all pale in comparison to experiencing Everything is Terrible LIVE.  The gang is hitting the road snatching up every VHS copy of JERRY MAGUIRE they can find and supporting their latest DVD release 2Everything 2Terrible 2: Tokyo Drift LIVE IN THE MELTED FLESH.  On Friday August 13th at Lake Creek (Austin, TX), Saturday August 14th at West Oaks (Houston, TX), and Sunday August 15th at Westlakes (San Antonio, TX) the EIT will present their latest DVD in it's entirety (plus tons of extras!) and on Monday August 16th at The Ritz, they will be back in Austin to screen a wholly different show (plus deleted scenes from 2Everything 2Terrible 2!).

We can hardly wait to catch the new show and Friday seems like a lifetime away.  In the meantime, we wish the EIT crew a safe journey to Texas on The Great Carrot Highway.

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