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See ZOMBIELAND at the Ritz this Weekend in Honor of the Twinkie

Watch the hilarious zomcom while devouring those delicious, yellow culinary creations.

See ZOMBIELAND at the Ritz this Weekend in Honor of the Twinkie

If there's one confectionery delight we've grown accustomed to, it's the Twinkie.

The Twinkie was always there for us, whether it was the surprise your mom left you in a lunchbox when you were a kid or the snack you grabbed when you walked in the door after school, we've grown to depend on the Twinkie. Heck, you probably even still had one as a grown up from time to time, just to walk down memory lane and see how your old friend was doing. The Twinkie has been through a lot over the years: flavor changes, packaging redesigns, generic knock-offs vying for the top spot in the yellow sponge cake market...but the Twinkie always came out on top.

That is until Hostess decided to close up shop and steal away any hope we had for a future long past the existence of man where cockroaches lived in a Twinkie filled wonderland of our post-apocalyptic Earth.

We aren't letting our dearly departed friend go down without a ceremony. The Alamo Drafthouse snatched up as many Twinkies as we could and we're giving a proper send off to the snack that gave us so much.

No movie has made you hungry for the little yellow cowboy quite like ZOMBIELAND. When we first heard of the closing of HOSTESS all we could picture was Tallahassee’s (Woody Harrelson) face as he searched endlessly for the last Twinkies in existence! That is why we are sending the Twinkie out in style with a special showing of ZOMBIELAND and enough Twinkies for everyone to enjoy a final taste!! So, join us for this special screening and enjoy what may be the last Twinkies in existence!

Save yourself from the existence of walking the cursed Earth in search of that sweet sugar high and come to the sanctuary of the Alamo Drafthouse Twinkie Oasis, we have enough to go around and we're willing to share.



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