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See what happens when a Hollywood hooker meets an American gigolo in PRETTY WOMAN

See what happens when a Hollywood hooker meets an American gigolo in PRETTY WOMAN

In PRETTY WOMAN, the 1990 romantic comedy from Garry Marshall, Julia Roberts plays Vivian Ward, a Hollywood prostitute who has seen better days. When she is hired to spend time with a wealthy businessman played by Richard Gere, Vivian is shown a way out of the streets. As the two spend more and more time with each other, they begin to develop a deep connection – one build on the premise that it doesn’t matter how dark your past is or what you’ve had to do get by in life, true love will conquer all. Just don’t ask about gerbils. That, my friends, is a past too dark.

Thanks to an energetic and lovable performance by Julia Roberts, PRETTY WOMAN is one of the most successful romantic comedies in history. When it was originally developed, though, the movie took a much darker approach to the subject matter – with Vivian being given a drug addiction and a personality less prone to pillow talk. Why a dark drama like PRETTY WOMAN (then titled $3,000) was set up at Disney is anybody’s guess but Studio President Jeffrey Katzenberg helped shepherd a complete make-over of the project – not unlike the one Vivian is given in the movie. All the nasty bits were stripped away to make way for what Katzenberg saw as a modern-day fairy tale. Yep, that’s Disney all right. 

Before Richard Gere won the part of Vivian’s charming prince, Christopher Reeve and Al Pacino were both considered. For the part of Vivian, actresses such as Jenifer Connelly, Michelle Pfeiffer, Mary Steenburgen, Meg Ryan and Molly Ringwald were considered. What might have made for a more interesting, Lars von Trier FIVE OBSTRUCTIONS-like take on the movie would have been if a real prostitute had been hired for the role and turned into a major Hollywood star. Instead, it did the next best thing – turning young actress Julia Roberts into a household name.

In the end, all the right stars aligned and the movie was a massive success – both critically and commercially. Roberts would win a Golden Globe for Best Actress and be nominated for an Academy Award. Marshall, Roberts and Gere would later reunite for the 1999 film RUNAWAY BRIDE.

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