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See DICK TRACY in 35mm at The Ritz This Wednesday!

We're showing Warren Beatty's visionary gangster comic book adaptation on the big screen!

See DICK TRACY in 35mm at The Ritz This Wednesday!

GANGSTER SQUAD opens this weekend and by all reasoning there should be only room in this town for one 1930s gangster movie, but if all that gritty realness and Ryan Gosling isn't your bag, there's another movie coming to town.

Why settle for Sean Penn in GANGSTER SQUAD looking like Flat Top from DICK TRACY when you can just watch the REAL Flat Top in DICK TRACY on 35mm this Wednesday at the Ritz!?

Most kids can claim ignorance that the young version of themselves had no idea who Dick Tracy was when they first went to see him in the theater. Heck, they probably barely knew who Warren Beatty was. All they knew was the colors were vibrant, the characters looked insane, and Dick Tracy had a hat they would have worn proudly (and a radio communicator watch that they HAD to have).

Now, it's not often you so vividly remember seeing a movie at such a young age, and it's even rarer when you remember how great a movie was and grow up to still appreciate that film. DICK TRACY is that film.

How could you forget the Madonna, the Dustin Hoffman, the Al Pacino, the Glenne Headley, the breathy music, and what has to be undisputedly the most visually faithful comic book adaptation ever made (don't even give me your CGI Robert Rodriguez counter arguments).

This movie has REAL sets with REAL actors wearing insane amounts of makeup in a 1930s gangster movie for kids. If you aren't in total awe by the matte paintings blended with the live action sets in the opening swooping single take, then I don't know how else to get through to you. 

Warren Beatty called in what had to be EVERY favor he could to assemble one of the most impressive cast lists ever. Don't think about it, don't hesitate, just raise your wrist to your mouth and say "I'm on my way!" BANGARANG! (Greg MacLennan)

Get your tickets NOW!!!


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