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See Bela Tarr’s THE TURIN HORSE this weekend at the Ritz

See Bela Tarr’s THE TURIN HORSE this weekend at the Ritz

Any screening of a Bela Tarr film is a must, but THE TURIN HORSE is to be his last film, which makes this an especially urgent matter for all who love Tarr's films. THE TURIN HORSE screens Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday night. Please join us for this powerful film experience.

Tarr is one of the most renowned and ingenious filmmakers of our time, and his portrait of finality, impeccably filmed and luxuriously presented, is made up of only 30 long, gorgeous takes. Submitted as Hungary's official submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award, THE TURIN HORSE is a legitimate masterpiece from a true auteur.

"A sumptuous masterpiece by one of the greatest moviemakers of all time."--V.A. Musetto, NEW YORK POST

"Displays Mr. Tarr's uncompromising, atavistic commitment to darkness, difficulty and lapidary pictorial sublimity."--A.O. Scott, NEW YORK TIMES

The Turin Horse is an absolute vision, masterly and enveloping in a way that less personal, more conventional movies are not. The film doesn't seduce; it commands."--Mark Jenkins, NPR

"Astonishingly powerful on its own uncompromising terms."--Scott Tobias, AV CLUB

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