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See AMADEUS Accompanied With Live Music Next Week at Lake Creek

Golden Hornet Project will provide a live choral performance of Mozart's Unfinished Requiem before a screening of Milos Forman's masterful historical epic.

See AMADEUS Accompanied With Live Music Next Week at Lake Creek

Local group Golden Hornet Project (GHP) has launched a project to complete Mozart's unfinished Requiem, in collaboration with composers from the rock, hip-hop, video game and avant-garde music scenes.

The Alamo is 100% behind this monster project, a massive and awesome endeavor, which will be completed and presented to the public in 2014. In order to help raise funds for GHP we have been hosting a series of screenings of the film AMADEUS over the last year and donating a porton of ticket sales to GHP.

Each screening will include a live choral performance of The Requiem work-in-progress performed by members of Texas Choral Consort with GHP. Co-artistic directors Peter Stopschinski and Graham Reynolds in attendance.

Based on the stage play by Peter Shaffer, AMADEUS tells the tale of Salieri, a famous composer who is tormented and ultimately goes mad because of his jealousy of the infinitely more talented Mozart. His utter mediocrity when compared to Mozart is too much to bear, and Salieri hatches a plan to kill the brilliant composer.

So by purchasing your ticket you'll be treated to a great film, a unique musical performance all while helping support local musicians. That's an artistic trifecta.

Our next showing will be January 31 at Lake Creek. Get your tickets NOW!!





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