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See A Tetris Movie And Play Some Tetris At the Drafthouse

But you have to sign up to make it happen!

See A Tetris Movie And Play Some Tetris At the Drafthouse

You've heard us talk about before, the new web platform that allows you to do what we do everyday – program the Alamo Drafthouse.  If there's a movie you want to see at our theaters, you can select it from Tugg's ever-expanding library, get enough people together and make it happen.  Tugg is an Austin-based startup, and you can read about them in the LA TIMES here and also listen to our very own Tim League sing their praises on NPR here. We're super excited about all of the possibilities Tugg offers for you guys to come up with your own awesome screening events at the Alamo.

In the last couple of months Tugg has been live, a lot of great films and events have been planned by all you Tuggers (can we go ahead and coin that?) out there, but this one in particular caught our eye as an event that's so cool we would probably try and program it ourselves — a documentary about obsessive, world champion Tetris players followed by an in-theater Tetris competition on the big screen.  Sounds amazing!

Will let the promoter, Brian Kelley, take the floor here, but you will have to reserve your tickets at Tugg's event page by May 3 in order to make the screening happen.  Get tickets now!

"The thing about Tetris is EVERYONE has played it. Which makes the new documentary ECSTASY OF ORDER: THE TETRIS MASTERS, which follows several world renowned players as they prepare for the Classic Tetris World Championship, a fascinating film anyone can enjoy. Sure, a few people will immediately geek out at the mention of Thor Ackerlund and his impact on the Tetris world with his win at the 1990 Nintendo World Championships, but for everyone else, there's simply no escaping the real drama of witnessing the obsession of the competitive Tetris players profiled in the movie. From the game's origins to modern day epic championships (not to mention a few truly great surprises), the continued legacy of Tetris is covered end to end in this immensely entertaining film.

Following the film will be an in-theater Tetris tournament played on a classic NES cart. We'll be playing A-Type Tetris starting each challenger on at least level 7. The exact rules will be made clear before the tournament begins and will depend on the number of players (if there are a lot of challengers, we'll use a time limit to make sure we don't go over our allotted time in the auditorium) who sign up before the show (a sign up sheet will be available as you enter the theater). There will be prizes for the top 3 scores!" (Brian Kelley)

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