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See Joe Dante’s seminal werewolf film THE HOWLING this Saturday at Vintage Park!

"Silver bullets or fire, that's the only way to get rid of the damn things. They're worse than cock-a-roaches."

See Joe Dante’s seminal werewolf film THE HOWLING this Saturday at Vintage Park!

OK, I'll admit - I'm a big fan of werewolf films. Over the last few years,  I had a chance to program all the greats - An American Werewolf in London, Silver Bullet, The Company of Wolves, Curse of the Werewolf, The Wolf Man just to name a few. This Saturday I mark another notch in my silver-tipped walking cane with a screening of THE HOWLING at Vintage Park.

Joe Dante's werewolf hullabaloo is a classic among classics - featuring amazing special effects from Rob Bottin, a script full of sharp humor from John Sayles and an amazing cast led by Dee Wallace. The film is sleazy, it's weird and it's funny - in other words, it's exactly what you want from a werewolf film.

Dee Wallace plays a LA report who has a run in with a serial killer that leaves her a little shaken. Looking to recover her nerves, she checks in at a charming little resort ... that just happens to be overrun with werewolves!

Sexy werewolves, overweight werewolves, werewolves that can transform during the daytime and werewolves that like to hide in the bushes and make obscene breathing noises while they watch women from afar. This film is bonkers - and for good reason! To paraphrase one of my favorite Joe Dante quotes, if you don't give the audience to laugh at, they'll find something on their own. Date knew that the secret to a good horror movie is to play with the audience's expectations - have them laughing in one moment and screaming in the next.

THE HOWLING is one of the most consistently entertaining horror films from the '80s - right down to its weirder than weird ending.

Don't miss a brand new digital restoration of the film this Saturday, August 23 at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Vintage Park.


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